On top of every page, there's a header with links shown. These links are called header links. You can configure them.

By default, it links to:

In order to configure it, you have to list all the links in a special hypha in this format:

=> Link1 Displayed text 1
=> Link2 Displayed text 2

That's it, simple rocket links. Links can be internal or external. All other lines are ignored, so you can write some explaining text about the hypha for the readers.

An administrator of a wiki has to set what this hypha is. Set in the config:

HeaderLinksHypha = header_links

⚠️ If you don't set it, the links can't be configured.

After editing that hypha, update the links by visiting /update-header-links. On wikis with authorization, only moderators and administrators can do this.


This hypha sets what links are shown in the header. Be careful when editing it.
=> home MyWiki
=> /recent-changes What's going on
=> https://example.org Main site