This is a roadmap (a to-do list) of the features.

  • A sidebar

  • Backlinks

    • Find orphaned hyphae

  • Tags

Search things

  • Title search

    • Keep query

    • Sorted results

    • Better title search (how better?)

      • Full text search

HTML+CSS things

  • Make ticks in todo list more contrast

  • Get rid of the hypha tabs

  • Make the editor toolbar more usable

Recent changes things

  • Return 100 cap

  • Group by days rather than by count

Mycomarkup things

  • There is something wrong with anchor links—investigate

  • AST paragraphs (makes outlinks possible)

  • A better API with no global variables

  • Investigate Opengraph generation. Something is wrong


  • Configuration

YunoHost support

  • SSO