From absolutely normal conversation with Gemini - sarcasm included, savage level 3 +

Ubuntu: "Linux for people who want working Wi-Fi and don't mind corporate overlords."

Fedora: "Bleeding-edge? Yeah, you'll probably need bandaids."

Arch Linux: "The OS equivalent of building your own PC from scratch... every time you update."

Slackware: "If you think Arch is too easy, welcome to the real nerd challenge."

WSL2: "Linux, but Microsoft pinky-promises it's safe this time."

Nix: "Configuring this OS requires either a Ph.D. in theoretical computer science or a willingness to sacrifice your sanity."

bzip2: "Compression so hardcore, it makes zip files look like child's play. And about as user-friendly."

Scottish accent: "Aye, Linux is braw, but have ye tried deep-fried haggis? Now THAT's a real challenge."

Solaris: "The OS that runs on servers older than the Spice Girls."

Alexa: "Oi, Alexa, tell me a joke about surveillance capitalism. No, wait..."

British accent + Docker: "Docker, old chap? Sounds a bit like a shipping container, wouldn't you say? Jolly useful, I suppose."

MS-DOS: "The operating system where 'user-friendly' was not part of the vocabulary."

OS/2: "IBM's valiant attempt to make a better Windows than Windows...and a spectacular failure."

Lotus 1-2-3: "Spreadsheets before Excel ruined them with fancy colors and charts."

WordPerfect: "The word processor that made English majors feel like powerful wizards."

Netscape Navigator: "Remember the screech of dial-up? This is the software you waited for."

Cryptocurrency Wallet on Windows 95: "Imagine explaining blockchain to someone using a dial-up modem."

NFT Marketplace in Netscape: "Buy your pixelated Beanie Baby collectible! Payment accepted in AOL free trial hours."

Decentralized App (dApp) on a 386 PC: "It might finish loading sometime before the heat death of the universe."