🍄How To Edit With Any Editor

MycorrhizaWiki does not offer any advanced text editor, all it has is a simple textarea. It is enough for most use cases but it may be too basic for some tasks. This hypha collects ways to use other text editors.

Browser extensions

Some browser extensions let you use different editors. For example, Surfing keys lets you use some form of Vim instead of textareas. To activate it, press I and then select the textarea.


w3m is a terminal text browser available for many platforms. MycorrhizaWiki supports it.

  1. Open w3m

  2. Press o, options shall be opened

  3. Scroll to section External Program Settings

  4. Type in your editor command on line Editor

  5. Press OK

Now, whenever you select textareas through the browser, your editor starts.


You can automate editing procedures with HTTP API. For example, you want to add a line to hypha named Apple.

Using curl, grab current text of the hypha using this command:

curl http://wiki/text/apple

The text shall be printed to stdout. It can be empty, of course.

Using curl, upload changed text to the hypha using this command:

curl -X POST -F 'text=</path/to/text/file' -F 'action=Save' http://wiki/upload-text/art

Some HTML-formatted output will be printed. Read it manually, yes.

See curl documentation for more information.