🍄Mycorrhiza Wiki

Mycorrhiza Wiki is a free and open-source wiki engine for the independent web developed by Bouncepaw, who is assisted by numerous contributors. Use Mycorrhiza for personal wikis, digital gardens, commonplace books and wikis for small teams or communities.

Some features

  • No database used, everything is stored as simple files. It simplifies installation and makes it easy to modify the content using other means such as direct file editing.

  • Everything is hyphae. A hypha is a unit of content such as a picture, video or a text article. Hyphae can transclude and link each other resulting in a tight network of hypermedia documents. They can also be nested.

  • History of changes. Every change is safely stored in Git. Web feeds for recent changes included!

    • RSS, Atom, JSON feed for recent changes.

  • Categories help you organise information in a non-hierarchical way.

  • Keyboard shortcuts. Press ? to see the list.

  • Mycomarkup, a custom-made markup language.

  • Optional authorization.

  • Opengraph supported.

  • Interwiki links supported.

Quick start

Mycorrhiza is available in some repositories thanks to third-party contributors. Consult Repology.


mycorrhiza path/to/wiki

It will:

  1. Initialize a Git repository and set useful defaults

  2. Prepopulate the config file

  3. Run a server on :1737

Simple as that. Want more? Learn more in the deployment guide. By the way, this wiki runs Mycorrhiza, too.

Current version is 1.15. Released: 2024-06-29.

Community and development


Consider supporting the development on Boosty.

See some instances for a very incomplete list of publicly hosted wikis running Mycorrhiza Wiki.

There is also a related project, a federated bookmark manager Betula.