🍄IdeaMycorrhiza 2.0

We hope to drop git one day. When it happens, Mycorrhiza will transit to the 2.0 version.


  1. Git is slow when you want to do multiple async operations. In fact, git is not async at all.

  2. Git API is arcane and ridiculous. No one knows what is error 128.

  3. Git stores history on FS. You shall never trust FS.


  1. A different external VCS, like hg or pijul.

    There is no profit in doing so. Same disadvantages.

  2. A custom file-based VCS.

    We had that in 0.5, it was bad. Let's not repeat the history.

  3. A database.

    And we can pack in so much stuff extra inside.

So, a database it is, huh?

What database?

Using an external database like Postgres would just ruin Mycorrhiza because it does not fit its ideology and goals. Who said that? u/bouncepaw did.

An embedded database like SQLite seems perfect. We'll 90 % use it, when the time comes.