🍄Message Block

NB. This is just an idea. https://todo.sr.ht/~bouncepaw/mycomarkup/4

Wikis encourage communication, right? They do not. Not Mycorrhiza, at least.

A way to solve it is the Message block. I actually had ideas about it for like a year.

Message block should have this:

  • Content (Mycomarkup, might be empty)

  • Link to author (might be empty)

  • Timestamp (might be empty)

Well, we can actually live without timestamps. If you really need them, write them in the content part.

So, content and author. This syntax is reasonable:

msg {
  No author

msg bouncepaw {
  An author is specified. When rendered, [[u/bouncepaw]] is linked there.

They can be nested, encouraging branching discussion:

msg A { I hate the AC.
  msg B { Why? This is stupid!!

msg B {
   Hello world! Did you know there are many benefits to loving the AC?

   msg C {
      No, I wouldn't have thought! Tell us more please

Message blocks should look like chat bubbles 💬 I am still unsure how to determine what messages go to the left and what messages go to the right.

u/drcheems and u/bouncepaw once thought that a multiline quote {} block would be nice. I don't think it makes sense to have both msg {} and quote {} together.