Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.8 is the ninth release of the engine. It was released on 2022-02-01, two months after ../1.7.

⚠️ Use ../1.8.2 instead.


  • Image galleries now have a special syntax for layouts: they can float to the right side (side), items inside can be arranged in a grid.

    img grid {
    img side {
    image1 | 200
    image2 | 200
  • Rocket link syntax changed:


    => hypha_with_spaces
    => hypha display text


    => hypha with spaces
    => hypha | display text

    The new syntax is completely incompatible with Gemtext but makes more sense for Mycomarkup.

    The migration will happen automatically the first time you run Mycorrhiza 1.8.

  • In your profile, the log out button is shown. Previously, you had to know the URL to do so.

    • And if you are an admin, the administration button is shown too! Previously, it was in the top bar.

  • The Russian translation of the documentation was deleted because it was incomplete, unmaintained and wrong. We would love to see someone with dedication to support it in the future!

  • The toolbar was split into two parts. On wide screens, the two parts use the space more efficiently, as the list of actions is on the left.

  • The jump buttons were deleted.

  • Some bug fixes, etc whatnot.