Many people claim that Mycorrhiza Wiki does not follow Semantic Versioning when they look at the amount of breaking changes in our releases. They are right, of course.

This is a deliberate choice.

If we were to follow SemVer, these would be the options:

  • Use 0.x until everything is stabilized.

    This approach is bad. Why release something as 0.x when it works fine for years? Release/1.0 was originally named 0.14 until u/bouncepaw understood that it will go on like that forever.

  • Follow SemVer precisely.

    This approach is bad. No one wants Mycorrhiza 7.0 that is mostly identical to Mycorrhiza 2.1, besides some little breaking changes.

Both approaches are bad. Moreover, Mycorrhiza would not benefit from SemVer at all, because it is not a library. So why force something unfitting?

The version scheme Mycorrhiza uses is as follows: IDEOLOGY.UPDATE.PATCH, where IDEOLOGY is an ideology change and UPDATE is an update, minor or major. It fits the project well.

Of course, the versioning system is subject to change.