You may wonder why in the world is Mycorrhiza Wiki called like that. Read this article to learn why.

Summer 2020, u/bouncepaw learns about the wonders of fungi. He noticed that there are multiple similarities between mushrooms and wikis. Hyphae (the filament from which the fungus is made) are like pages and files, mycelia are like wikis themselves.

But what is mycorrhiza like? Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic connection between a fungus and a green plant. The fungus receives the glucose and the plant receives minerals.

u/bouncepaw wanted this kind of behavior for the wiki engine, where the content could flow from one place to another. As of now, the content doesn't do that yet, but we'll see.

So he chose this word. It also sounds nice. Add the Wiki suffix and you get MycorrhizaWiki.

During release/1.2 development the name was changed to Mycorrhiza Wiki, with a space. The reason for that is Mycomarkup's syntax for links and hypha names' case insensitivity. Having a CamelCase name makes little sense when you don't even have CamelCase WikiLinks.