Fediverse is a union of different federated services like social networks, video hostings, etc running different protocols. According to https://the-federation.info, there are 48 projects in the network running 14 different protocols on more than 8000 nodes.


ActivityPub is the most popular protocol in the Fediverse. I'm thinking about implementing some form of support for it, thus joining every public Mycorrhiza wiki into the federation, at least partially.

See ActivityPub at CommunityWiki for some discussion on the topic.

Read ActivityPub specification.

Federated wiki

So, how can the idea of federated wikis be carried out?


Perhaps, profiles from some federated networks could be used for editing Mycorrhiza wikis?

Notifying about new content

One could subscribe to notifications about new edits instead of looking at the feeds. Also, wiki admins could set up Fediverse accounts that just broadcast all changes to the world.

Importing content

MycorrhizaWiki will support importing content from different sources. The Fediverse could be one of them. Imagine transcluding a toot from Mastodon!

Exporting content

Not exactly sure.


Comment threads from the Fediverse could be shown below or nearby every hypha.


Webmention is another protocol in the Fediverse.

Read this Indieweb wiki article and this one too. I think it's just perfect for cross-site backlinks (it could even be that implementing cross-site backlinks could be easier than in-site backlinks 🤔). It's also used for commenting.

I like it too. I'm thinking about supporting it in MycorrhizaWiki. Should I support together with ActivityPub or choose just one?