🍄IdeaDynamic Hyphae

Obviously, there are cases when raw mycomarkup text will not be the best option. For some things, other forms of hypermedia shall be used. Thus, dynamic hyphae may be introduced in the future.

What makes dynamic hyphae dynamic? Their history is not stored in git, which is a version control system that can be called quite static because commits are tangled tightly. Edits on a dynamic hyphae may be too frequent for it.

Dynahyphae as part of the system

In the wiki directory there may be files with special file extensions. The presence of such files marks the hyphae as dynamic. More on these extensions later.

These files shall be ignored by git. I suppose the engine will enforce that they are included in .gitignore.

Possible dynamic hyphae

Kanban .mycokanban

A Kanban board hypha consists of several columns, each of the columns has multiple cards in them.

Each card is formatted in mycomarkup and has a marker. Wiki administrators can configure possible markers. Cards have IDs, making it possible to link and transclude them from other hyphae.

An intuitive user interface like GitHub Projects should be made. Drag and drop, stuff like that. Maybe, import from GH Projects should be done too.

Microlog .mycomicrolog

Microlog is a chronological stream of cards. Each card is formatted in mycomarkup. Each card can be edited and deleted, but its position relative to other cards cannot be changed. Transclusion, linking, etc.

Maps .mycomap

Something inspired by https://communitywiki.org/wiki/MiniCubes.


There are several ways of implementing this idea:

Part of the engine

Just build the support in.


  • Closest connection to the rest of the system.


  • The code base will become really bloated and hard to maintain. It's not like it's easy to maintain now, but it will become even harder.

  • All dynamic hyphae would be mandatory, which is not needed for all users.

Build-time optional dependencies

The same, but the wiki could be compiled without some dynahypha support.

Run-time executables dependency

Similar to ../importer protocol.


  • Asynchronous development

  • They would call it UNIX-way

  • Any language could be used


  • Difficult communication between the engine and the dynahypha provider

Comparing these, the last option seems to be the best. Alright.