One of the aims MycorrhizaWiki has, is integration, id est you are meant to be able to somehow stick the wiki together with other software and get things done, hence the name.

See Guide for some stuff you can do.
See Idea for planned features.


Social media preview

Nowadays, all major social media and messengers support the OpenGraph protocol. When given a link, they visit it and try to find special HTML <meta> tags with the data they need. MycorrhizaWiki provides these tags. Here's how a link to a hypha looks like in Telegram:

Get the mycomarkup source of any hypha

For any hypha, click the Raw text tab to see the source. You can do some automation with that.


Edit with other editors or automate editing

See how to edit with any editor



Mycorrhiza Wiki does not do all the network stuff by design. If you need some advanced stuff, use nginx or any other web server.

There are recipes such as how to set up HTTPS and basic auth that offer you to use nginx.

Direct file operations

Wiki administrators that have direct access to the wiki files can do stuff with git and other utilities. In fact, they are meant to.