Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.2 is the third release of Mycorrhiza Wiki. It was released on 2021-07-01, two months after ../1.1. It is a breaking release, see ./migration guide.


The Structure

Before this release, you could just run Mycorrhiza on any git repo and get a working wiki. If you wanted any other files, beside the wiki contents, such as configs or user storage, you had to specify them explicitly.

Now you don't. There is a fixed structure of wiki directories that every Mycorrhiza wiki has to follow. It makes both initial deployment and administration easier.

If you were using an older version of Mycorrhiza, you will have to migrate to the Structure!

Mycomarkup changes

  • Mycomarkup is now being developed as a parallel project — https://github.com/bouncepaw/mycomarkup. A CLI interface is provided as well as a library. This way, you can include it in your projects. For now, this library is less stable than Mycorrhiza itself.

  • Transclusion syntax changed dramatically.

  • Supertext syntax changed from ^ to ^^.

  • Highligh syntax changed from !! to ++.

  • Underline syntax added: __.

  • Quotes

    can span multiple paragraphs

    • and any markup inside

  • Similarly,

    list items can be multiline.

    the same applies

    to table cells

    See this hypha's source to learn how to do so

  • In HTML, elements have different ID attributes.

Editor changes

  • There is a new button on the tool bar that inserts current UTC time.

  • Underline button.

  • You can describe your changes; the message will be shown in history.

Authorization changes

  • If you are not logged in, there is the Register link beside the Login link.

  • Fixed authorization is deprecated.

    • The engine will attempt to turn all of your fixed users to registered users.

  • There is a panel that lets wiki administrators manage users, i.e. change their groups.

  • Users' registration date is saved now.

Visual changes

  • Dark theme improvements

  • The background pattern has been removed.

  • The top bar has changed its color to a brighter one.

  • Login and register forms have become easier to find.

  • Non-existent hyphae have gotten a better notice:

  • Quotes have become cuter.

  • The design has become more consistent in some places, less consistent in others.

History changes

  • Web feeds now have diffs in them.

  • The Recent changes page has edits grouped by day now.


  • The name of the project has been changed from MycorrhizaWiki to Mycorrhiza Wiki.

  • Less messages are printed on start.

  • Gemini protocol support is dropped.

  • / no longer redirects to the home hypha, it just shows it, resulting in a better-looking URL.

  • Hotkey shortcut available by pressing ? on keyboard.