🍄Rejected FeaturesFixed Authorization

The idea is simple: the admin of the wiki preconfigures all users before starting the wiki, that's it. Users can't create accounts by themselves.

If you want to use this method, in your configuration file, in [Authorization] section, write:

UseFixedAuth = true
FixedAuthCredentialsPath = /home/wiki/mycocredentials.json

Attention to the credentials path. It is mycocredentials.json by default, but you can set a different path. The file is a JSON like that:

    "name": "alice", 
    "password": "safety absolute",
    "group": "admin"
    "name": "bob", 
    "password": "TotallySafe", 
    "group": "trusted"

Note that the passwords are stored in plain-text. Make sure that no one has access to that file besides admins.