🍄Rejected Features

We are angry and rageful people, thus we reject a lot of features. Here we try to list them all.

Custom VCS was rejected in favor of Git. This choice is good enough for now but it may change in the future.

Different file structure was used. A simpler one was chosen because it's simpler. #4

Collapsible tree navigation was rejected because the trees ended up being too large. #7

Sophisticated user system with granular control and high customizability was rejected because it was hard to implement. A much simpler solution based on this idea was implemented instead. #11

Different markup support was rejected due to ideology. #12

Mycelia were like namespaces in other wiki engines. There was an attempt to implement them in 0.6 but it turned out to be hard to implement and it didn't really fit the design. Bouncepaw decided to drop it and no one complained to this day. #13

Transcluded image resizing was no more needed when img {} was made. #23

date {} block was cancelled because there is no need for it.

Git clone endpoint was rejected because it is out of scope.

Markup cheatsheet was no longer needed with feature/tool bar introduced. See ./cheatsheet. #42

Reversed order of link address and display text is aggressively rejected for ideology reasons.

Advanced link syntax that looked like this: [[термины/стандартная клавиатура|стандартной клавиатуре]] = [{термины/}[стандартн]{ая}ой[клавиатур]{а}е], was rejected because no one understood it.

Other ideas of todo list syntax were rejected because they were worse than the one we have now. See the rejected ones.

Wiki path in config was rejected because the Structure was coming. #56

Address / used to redirect to the home hypha. It was later changed so that it does not redirect the but still shows that hypha. There was a proposition of returning it, but it was rejected for ideology reasons.

Transparent top bar was rejected because people liked the contrast between the shades of gray.

Mandatory wrapping of paragraph spans was rejected for ideology reasons. Because of that, a single // on a line would italicise it whole.

Fixed authorization was no longer really needed once proper registration was done. See ./fixed authorization.

Russian docs were removed because no one maintained them.

Tags were a different name for modern categories. See ./tags.

Stemlinks were a syntactical sugar that let you write [[>a/stem]] instead of [[a/stem | stem]]. Afterwards, with deprecation and discouragement of the sibling tree, it made little sense. With introduction of interwiki, this syntax became conflicting. Overall, not needed. The > was chosen because it reminded ➡.

Gueeslinks were a different approach to tackle the deep nesting problem. You would type [[?Apple]], and the engine would find a hypha that ended with Apple and link it. Problems would arise if there were multiple or no such hyphae. Anyway, not needed.

Gemtext-compatible rocket link syntax was removed because it did not rhyme with the rest of Mycomarkup and was hard to use:

=> target display text

This alternative rocket link syntax that was meant to be used alongside the Gemtext one was rejected because it is ugly:

=> [[ target | display text ]]

Jump buttons that let you click to scroll to top or bottom of the hypha were removed because scrolling ended up being easier.

Markdown and Gemtext-compatible heading syntax was removed because it is wrong:

# not meant to be used in wikis
## first level
### second
#### third
##### fourth
###### fifth

FedWiki outpost is not going to happen. See ./fedwiki outpost.

Non-wrapped text in codeblocks is rejected do it being bad. #183