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These are some ideas for the Todo list syntax. It all happened in March 2021 or so. In the end, a somewhat different syntax was chosen.


A translated 🇷🇺➡🇬🇧 discussion from our Telegram chat:

Bouncepaw: GFM has an interesting syntax for TODO:

* [ ] todo 1
* [ ] todo 2

Interesting 🤔

Gualse: Oh, yes yes

Bouncepaw: How could that be incorporated into mycomarkup?

Gualse: I want it to be like that: you can click on it and it gets saved.

Bouncepaw: That's possible.

Gualse: I think that should be optional. On a public wiki, it shouldn't be enabled because someone may click on it accidentally. On a home wiki, though, that'd be great.

Bouncepaw: +

Possible syntax


* [ ] todo 1
* [x] todo 2

Power of UNICODE, variant 1 (no nesting):

✗ todo 1
✓ todo 2

Power of UNICODE, variant 2:

* ✗ todo 1
* ✓ todo 2

todo block:

todo Our goals {
x Reach the stars
v Enjoy