MycorrhizaWiki 0.11 is the sixth pre-release of Mycorrhiza Wiki. It was released on 2020-11-28, half a month after ../0.10. Next pre-release is ../0.12.

New features

Fixed authorization is introduced and is enabled using CLI options. Wiki administrators have to pre-register all users in a special file using the JSON format. Here's an example of such file:

		"name": "admin",
		"password": "mycorrhiza",
		"group": "admin"
		"name": "weird_fish",
		"password": "DeepestOcean",
		"group": "moderator"
		"name": "king_of_limbs",
		"password": "ambush",
		"group": "trusted"
		"name": "paranoid_android",
		"password": "ok computer",
		"group": "editor"

There are five groups users can be part of: anon, editor, trusted, moderator, admin. See authorization/user groups for details.

On the Recent changes page, each authored edit has a link to author's user page.

In Mycomarkup, strike-through is introduced and inline formatting is supported in headings.

Also, some CSS fixed are made.


This version is the first version to have an explicit license, the Apache 2.0 license. Legal status of the previous versions is unclear. Later, in ../1.1, the license has been changed to AGPLv3.