Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.15 is the nineteenth release of the engine, released on 2024-06-29, almost 15 months after version 1.14. It features changed collected over the span of these 15 months, nothing ground breaking was introduced.


  1. In Recent changes, diffs are linked.

  2. New special links were introduced! Many Mycorrhiza enthusiasts use it for keeping a diary. Link [[/today]] redirects to the hypha named after today, so, if it's 29th of June 2024, the hypha will be named 2024-06-29. Similarly, [[/edit-today]] will open the editor with the said hypha.

    We do recommend using the ISO format throughout your wikis. Why don't you try the Ctrl/Cmd+; shortcut?

  3. You can change passwords now.

  4. Special CSS for PDF/printers was added. It's pretty cute.

  5. New interwiki target: Betula. If you still don't have a Betula installed, you might want to give it a go.

  6. Mycomarkup updated: img captions are fully functional now

  7. Some bugs fixed, some critical

    • Including the infamous renaming bug

    • Commits no longer GPG signed

    • Mycomarkup img bug fixed

  8. Some little visual improvements

  9. Required Go version lifted to 1.22.


Thank you very much!