MycorrhizaWiki 0.13
Date: 2021-03-50. Previous: ../0.12 Next: ../1.0

Mycomarkup improvements

  • Add ---- horizontal lines

  • Support anchor links #anchor

UI/UX changes

  • Add the Attachment tab to the hyphae

  • Redesign many forms

  • Redesign the page with the list of hyphae and the history page

  • Introduce the multi-columnar layout

  • Make hypha tabs look cuter

Hyphae now have URLs starting with /hypha/, not with /page/. Older URLs still work though.
Have a proof-of-concept support for the Gemini protocol
Add the admin panel and some administrative functions
Add /user-list page
Let wiki administrators set their own CSS rules in addition to the default ones
Fix some bugs
Refactor a lot of stuff
Start implementing backlinks (do not work yet)

Thanks u/hugmouse and u/handlerug for their contribution.