Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.11 is the fourteenth release of the engine. It was released on 2022-08-02, two months after ../1.10.

And, hopefully, in your operating system's repositories real soon!


  • Interwiki was finally implemented. Docs. You can link resources from other wikis using a syntax like this:


    Here's how it would work: Wikipedia>Mycorrhiza.

  • Recent changes received a different look.

  • Links to the feeds and the count selector on Recent changes were moved to the bottom.

  • When you rename a hypha, its categories move as well.

  • When you rename a hypha, you can choose an option to leave a redirection behind.

  • The list of categories is sorted now.

  • Only trusted users can add hyphae to categories now.

  • The hypha count on /list is back.

  • Category editor was implemented. You can mass-remove hyphae from categories now.

  • Bug fixes, visual fixes, et cetera.