Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.10 is the thirteenth release of the engine. Released on 2022-06-03, two months and two days after ../1.9.


  • Mycomarkup:

    • The old heading syntax is deprecated for real, all hyphae using it will be migrated forcibly on the first run of this version.

    • Horizontal line is now named thematic break, to better reflect its semantics.

    • In normal image galleries, captions are on the right of images on bigger screens.

    • Image galleries are also not centered anymore. They are left-aligned now.

    • Image galleries' gray background was removed.

  • Categories:

    • List of categories for a hypha is now sorted alphabetically.

    • List of hyphae in a category is now sorted alphabetically.

  • The /about page is reworked, and is quite useful now.

  • In a lot of places, bulleted lists were replaced with numbered lists.

  • The text area in the editor is bigger now.

  • List of orphaned hyphae, i/e hyphae with not backlinks: /orphans. Docs.

  • Less CSS classes used. Your custom CSS themes might be affected.

  • Introduction of data-rrh-addr.

  • /list is now allowed in robots.txt.

  • Some bugs fixed, some visual changes, &c. Work on interwiki has started.