Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.3 is the fourth release of Mycorrhiza Wiki. Release date: 2021-08-01, one month after ../1.2.

This release is breaking, see the migration guide below. You are recommended to upgrade from 1.2.

New features

  • Built-in documentation system added. It does not cover everything yet.

  • -create-admin CLI option was added.

  • Now admins can manage users right from the web UI.

  • You can lock your wiki from strangers. Docs

  • Title search added.

  • Warn about unsaved changes.

  • CLI option -listen-addr was added to help you set the listen address.

  • Telegram integration. Docs

  • Whitelist. Docs


Mycomarkup changes

  • Some critical bugs were fixed.

  • Allow other spans inside monospace spans.

Config changes

  • UseAuth toggles all kinds of authorization and registration

  • UseRegistration is now AllowRegistration to better reflect the meaning

  • LimitRegistration is now RegistrationLimit because it's not a boolean, it's a value (not "limit registration?", but "registration limit is ...")

  • HTTPPort was removed in favor of ListenAddr.

  • ListenAddr lets you set the address of the wiki with more freedom.

UI changes

  • The old color of the top bar returns.

  • The transclusion target link does not take a whole line now.

  • New two-line top bar. Docs

  • Hamburger menu added for smaller screens.

Other changes

  • Fixed authorization was removed.

  • -print-example-config was removed.

  • File registered-users.json is now named users.json.

  • The relative hyphae sidebar was renamed to the sister hyphae sidebar. Docs

Migration guide

You might want to back up your config.

Run this inside your wiki's directory:

mv registered-users.json users.json
cp config.ini config.ini.bkp
sed -i -e 's/HTTPPort = /ListenAddr =' -e 's/UseFixedAuth =/UseAuth =/' -e 's/UseRegistration/AllowRegistration/' -e 's/LimitRegistration/RegistrationLimit/' config.ini