Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.9 is the twelfth release of the engine. It was released on 2022-04-01, two months after ../1.8, and 6 weeks after ../1.8.2.


  • Implement categories. Docs.

  • The sibling sidebar is turned off by default now. If you need it, turn it on in the configuration file. You are encouraged to use a flat structure on your wikis.

  • Attachments are no longer called attachments, they are media now. Hyphae with attachments are media hyphae now.

  • A man file was written. Package maintainers should use it.

Fixes and changes

  • Fix dockerfile.

  • Some HTTP routes were changed.

    • /backlinks-json/ and /title-search-json were removed.

  • Some backlinks bugs were fixed.

  • Some bugs with renaming and deletion were fixed.