🍄Git Of Theseus

Git of Theseus is a program that analyzes Git repositories and draws cool graphs. This article is a collection of such graphs generated by the program.



Since Release/0.12 the share of 2020 code has been dropping.


We can see that all code of Release/0.5 has been removed. Since Release/0.7, the codebase has only been growing in size, until Release/1.2, when Mycomarkup/Lib was introduced. Since then, the codebase has been growing up to this day.

Some months were move active than others. The original refactoring of 0.7 seems to be the most code-producing time period.


The 2023 was the quietest year. It is seen the best on the by year plot. Less code was added in 2020 than remains from the whole of 2020, and don't forget that one big refactoring that threw away the most of 2020 code. Also, the trend for the freshly added code is to remain there.

What does it mean? Mycorrhiza is pretty stable and does not require often changes. The fact that release/1.14 was released five months after the previous version highlights that. A lot of development attention has moved to Betula as well.

I am longing for a big refactoring, though. Lend me power to perform that!